Chairman - Marwan Kalo





Vice President - Hadi Kalo



Kalo Holdings Corporation is a well-established American and International Group of Companies with a wide-ranging diversified portfolio of experience spanning over 50 years in Industrial and Property Development, Construction, Water, Power Generation and Investment projects in USA, Europe, India, Middle East and Central Asia.

Kalo Holdings Corporation has vast experience in its mainstream industrial areas of Urban Development, Construction, Water Treatment and Water Bottling, Large-Scale Manufacturing and processing of metals, chemicals and plastics, as well as extensive knowledge of international trade. Kalo Holdings Corporation has consistently grown with a diversified portfolio and scope of business over five decades. Establishing strategic close working relationships with truly global and international players in various industries has given Kalo Holdings Corporation a competitive leading edge enabling it to quickly expand its operations around the globe.

Kalo Holdings' Corporation is very proud of its achievements as a pioneer of several mainstream industries in the Europe, Middle East and Central Asia and is fully committed in collaboration with domestic and foreign associates to contribute actively to profitable ventures.

Kalo Holding Corporation offices are situated in UK, France, Spain, Lebanon, U.A.E. and Uzbekistan.