International Pedigree

Kalo Holdings Corporation has vast experience in its mainstream industrial areas of Urban Development, Construction, Water Treatment, Large-Scale Manufacturing and processing of metals, chemicals and plastics, as well as extensive knowledge of international trade. Kalo Holdings Corporation has consistently grown with a diversified portfolio and scope of business over four decades. Establishing strategic close working relationships with truly global and international players in various industries has given Kalo Holdings Corporation a competitive leading edge enabling it to quickly expand its operations around the globe.

Kalo Holdings Corporation' focus has and will always be the identification of strategic opportunities for long-term investment, collaboration and joint venture opportunities or union of interests with private and public, domestic and foreign organisations.

Kalo Holdings' Corporation is very proud of its achievements as a pioneer of several mainstream industries in the Europe, Middle East and Central Asia and is fully committed in collaboration with domestic and foreign associates to contribute actively to profitable ventures.

In 1971, Kalo Holdings Corporation established its fourth and most successful Joint Venture Company, SOGEX Oman, a leading worldwide Construction Company in polystyrene manufacture, power generation and water desalination plant Industries. SOGEX growth was phenomenal over a very short period and in 10 years it became the largest construction company in the Arab World with subsidiaries set-up in United Kingdom, France, USA and Germany. In 1975, Sogex's resource base reached 19,000 Engineers and Technicians and SOGEX's annual turnover reached US$600 million dollars, maintaining this until 1985. SOGEX also built its own factories for polystyrene insulation production and by 1985; SOGEX had built 20 factories located in various countries in the Middle East. SOGEX also undertook electrification projects including Transmission Lines deployment and Power Generation projects in Oman. In 1985, Kalo Holdings Corporation relinquished its involvement after successfully selling its stockholding.

In 1974, Kalo Holdings Corporation also established a Joint Venture Company with Foster Wheeler (FW), an international organization that provides engineering services and products to a broad range of industries, including the petroleum and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, and power-generation industries. Kalo Holdings Corporation and FW jointly undertook a US$90 million turnkey project for the supply, installation and commissioning of aluminium smelters, powerhouses, industrial turbines and boilers utilised in Jebel-Ali Complex.

Towards the end of 1972, Kalo Holdings Corporation diversified into mineral water processing and bottling plants, jointly with Evian of France, setting up the pioneering Gulfa Mineral Water Company, the oldest and most renowned mineral water brand in the Arabian Gulf region. Gulfa, now a Public Limited Liability Company, has an annual production capacity of 5 million cartons of bottled water.

Kalo Holdings Corporation construction and investment activities continued at a steady pace with the construction and industrial development of the Rashdieh Industrial Park with 1000 industrial offices covering 4.5km2; construction and financing of the Intercontinental Hotel in Muscat, Oman; construction of the Sheraton Hotel in Sana'a, Yemen, financed by Kuwait Fund.